Who We Are

AMAZE is a national leader in anti-bias educational programs and staff development, helping teachers and early childhood professionals engage students in meaningful conversations and activities that value differences, prevent bias bullying and create the positive school climate kids need for academic success.  Located in the Twin Cities, AMAZE works throughout Minnesota with educators and parent/guardians who want safe and welcoming classrooms for all.  

What We Do

AMAZE’s early childhood and elementary programs and training promotes academic, social and emotional success by nurturing children’s’ positive identities and respect for others, and promoting their abilities to take stands against hurtful bias and bullying. Our practical classroom tools easily incorporate into morning meetings, social studies and language arts curricula. 

Our programs include:

AMAZE elementary uses high quality children’s literature, discussion and classroom journaling activities to explore diversity through the unifying lens of family and prevent bias bullying. It sensitively covers themes of race/ethnicity, socioeconomics, aging, adoption, immigration, gay and lesbian family members, divorce/break-ups, religion, disability, and bullying. The program is aligned with academic standards and supports social emotional learning, anti-bullying, and family engagement initiatives.

AMAZE classroom dynamics©  allows teachers to see their classroom’s social dynamics in a whole new way: through the eyes of their students. AMAZE uses a simple student survey and state-of-the-art mapping software to generate powerful depictions of the students ‘experiences with classroom friendships and bullying.  AMAZE provides customized interpretation of results as well as practical strategies to support safety and belonging for all students. A variety of consultation and coaching services are available to plan, implement and assess interventions. 

AMAZE early childhood uses high quality picture books and a myriad of classroom activities to build social emotional skills, explore human differences and prevent bias bullying. Divided into four sections—Safety and Belonging; Understanding You, Understanding Me; Valuing Families; and Building Communities—this program builds the knowledge, attitudes and skills children need for success in school and beyond. 

AMAZE persona dolls are life-size, handmade dolls that authentically portray children of different ethnicities with realistic skin colors and facial features.Each comes with  a unique personality and story - rich with family, likes and dislikes, challenges and successes, and their stories are easily adaptable to meet local needs.  AMAZE persona dolls are a great classroom tool to introduce sensitive discussion topics in a positive, nonthreatening manner, and they’re useful in small group and “one-on-ones” settings.  They’re a valuable tool for helping young children develop empathy, learn problem solving and conflict resolution and develop friendship skills. 

AMAZE family childcare supports providers in smaller settings with practical tools to help them teach children knowledge, attitudes and skills for healthy relationships and school success. AMAZE family childcare’s books and activities explore diversity, teach respect and empathy, and build children’ abilities to stand up to or resist bias and bullying. Designed specifically for family childcare providers, the kit provides affordable, fun materials for multi-age settings.

AMAZE staff development and consultation options customized to meet local needs. From basic training for successful use of our programs to in-classroom coaching to staff development on bullying or anti-bias education, AMAZE supports educators and providers to create the safe and supportive environments kids need to learn and grow.