ASDIC Metamorphosis

Who We Are

ASDIC Metamorphosis is an esteemed antiracism workshop provider, based in Saint Paul and operating across Minnesota and beyond. ASDIC has worked across different sectors, customizing its work to the particular focus and formats needed by organizations. ASDIC’s programs are noted for their depth of analysis, opportunity for dialogue and reflection, building of relationship and community, and lasting transformative change.

The co-directors of the ASDIC Metamorphosis program are Okogyeamon, PhD, MDiv (Herbert Perkins) and Margery Otto, JD. More than 40 people have been trained as ASDIC facilitators, and many thousands have participated in ASDIC workshops.

ASDIC is the recipient of the Facing Race Ambassador Award (2010) from The Saint Paul Foundation, the Touchstone Award for Inclusiveness (2010) from the Duluth-Superior Area Community Foundation, and a Designation as Sage at Summit of Sages from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing (2012).

What We Do

ASDIC Metamorphosis provides antiracism dialogue experiences that build awareness, knowledge, communication across structures of domination, and motivation and commitment. All workshops conclude with individual and collective planning for racial justice, with participants transferring the knowledge learned into the contexts of their own lives. ASDIC assists host organizations in developing concrete implementation plans, empowering participants with the motivation and skills to create a new, racially just society.

ASDIC offers a wide range of services to businesses and organizations seeking to improve their capacity and competence in interacting with communities and individuals of color, seeking to reduce institutional racial disparities, and wishing to more fully embody their moral concern for racial justice and for justice and equity in structures, policies, decisions and practices. This work requires addressing underlying assumptions, perspectives, and practices arising out of the of U.S. racial legacy.

The services offered include:

  • "Flex-format” workshops of various lengths and for specific audiences and needs
  • Assessment tools and model curricula
  • Transformative 12-session ASDIC Circle series, significantly advancing participants’ level of understanding and empowering them to engage in effective institutional change
  • “Train the trainers” programs, providing training in the style of facilitation that has proven particularly effective in antiracism transformation
  • Customized consultations

Carefully designed curricula, based on decades of study and experience, underlie all ASDIC programming.