Diversity Council-Rochester

Who We Are

The Diversity Council offers communities in the southeast region of Minnesota leadership, expertise and resources to work toward achieving equity, inclusivity, and respect for the dignity of every individual. By educating people to embrace diversity as a foundation for building a healthy, inclusive and prosperous community, we empower conscientious and courageous citizens.

What We Do

Over 20 years we have built bridges to inclusion in the classroom and the community, and recently have developed a program for businesses. Our work with youth and adults focuses on increasing awareness of biases and how stereotyping occurs, and building the skills to challenge prejudice and take action to reduce discrimination. Our programs include:

Becoming the Solution helps employees of businesses, government, and organizations recognize how bias and lack of cultural understanding affect the workplace and then gives them tools to manage human difference and optimize diverse assets and perspectives. The Diversity Council has 12 rigorously trained diverse corporate trainers, with international and multiple language skills, as well as experience in facilitation, dialogue, presentation, training and adult education.

SmartKids Parent Training partners with Rochester Public Schools to close the academic achievement gap. SmartKids training changes parents’ mindsets about their students’ ability to learn and teaches techniques that help parents support student learning.

Spark! Workshops teach students in grades K-12 to value human difference, recognize bias in their own attitudes, build skills to oppose discrimination and bullying, and create an environment of respect and inclusion.