People's Institute North

Who We Are

People’s Institute North, located in Duluth, is the Minnesota office of The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, located in New Orleans, LA. This multi-racial collective of more than 40 trainers has 33 years of experience in addressing systemic racism.

The Institute has worked with community groups, social justice and non-profit organizations and has provided workshops, consulting and technical assistance on disproportionality of outcomes in education, child protection, health care, juvenile and criminal justice systems. The Minnesota office serves communities throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. 

What We Do

People’s Institute North provides workshops, consulting and technical assistance on undoing racism, white privilege, cross cultural dialogue, and strategic action plans for groups and organizations. Institute trainers are all organizers in their own communities, as the Institute believes that you cannot educate and train people to do anti-racist work if you are not doing the work in your own community.